A website template is a predesigned set of web pages for other’s to utilise it to create their own website. It is extremely necessary to grab the attention of the audience while viewing the web page. The design that is well set for the users helps them to have a keen towards the site for matching their needs.

Templates are of key importance when it plans to have an Ecommerce website development in Thrissur. An online store should showcase well for the users, both in terms of functionality and appearance. If you are one amongst them who cares about catchy designs, user friendliness, smooth navigability, simple product description etc, ATEES Infomedia is one of the  top companies to approach to make your online store  withstand as best among the rest. ATEES present before you some of the principal templates to boost sales on the internet.

Magento Themes:

Magento themes are used in Magento e commerce platforms which is an open source e commerce engine and is highly effective in impressing the viewer with its astonishing designs in an engaging way. We deliver each themes in Magento with an aim to provide more display features, better functionality and easy usability by the end user.

PrestaShop Themes:

We provide PrestaShop theme to deliver a fabulous experience for the user on running the template. With this online store design, it is sure to have a breathtaking ecommerce environment in your business. It is so well designed that by just appending product range, you can all get set to start acquiring online orders from different clients.

VirtueMart Themes:

E commerce engines which are based on Joomla like VirtueMart make use of this theme. With this type of template it is of course possible for you to design your website in 3 ways – Modern, Vintage and Traditional style. The responsive themes which are easily customisable and usability feature, enables to innovate the set of pages.

osCommerce Templates:

osCommerce templates are designed especially to get compatible with osCommerce systems. These themes makes sure that your website solutions are set to ready to face any kind of online shop competitor. Notably, the complete set of softwares are available with us at a very affordable price.

Zen Cart Templates:

Zen Cart templates is made for it to be suited with Zen 1.5, 1.5a, 1.5.5 etc and many more versions of shopping cart engine are able to run this theme. Websites designed with W3C XHTML gives a user friendly interface. Zen Cart templates makes your online shopping experience way too personalized with a dozen of attractive themes present in its store.

OpenCart Templates:

If you want to get a e commerce website with visual appearance as the top priority with high quality, better functionality and an array of features within at an affordable cost, OpenCart template is one of the best option to choose for your business. These themes are compatible with most of the platforms currently available.

WooCommerce Themes:

Web Shops which are based on WordPress makes use of this theme as an eminent one. WooCommerce plugins helps to run this template and is easy to start the software to install, followed by frequent maintenance. The style you want to furnish in your online store can be selected from the numerous themes available in its store.

Shopify Themes:

This themes can be owned if you are looking out for an out of box creativity in your online store, Shopify is one of the templates that can be counted upon. Post installation of Shopify in your web, all the themes associated with it can be applied on the e commerce website. Simplify each and every aspect of the website can be personalized.

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