Top WordPress Plugins To Use in 2017

Top WordPress Plugins To Use in 2017

Plugins is a piece of software added to a WordPress website, having numerous functions to be made live for the site. These can be extremely beneficial in appending flexible functionalities. It includes security, speed, SEO related etc, which are some of the global concerns a website owner cannot ignore.

WordPress plugins reduces the job of web development companies in Thrissur, by offering something like an inbuilt feature to the website. Sometimes, same feature may have multiple plugins. So if you are running a web development company in Kerala, choose wisely the best plugin that fit your suits and needs. Here are some of the paid as well as free plugins for a professional wordpress site.


Known as the originators of the wordpress website itself. As its name says, it offers a pack of features for your WordPress that make your pages soar high in the business. Jetpack enhances security of the site, performance, traffic intensity, image optimization etc. Contents that are published in WP will be shared with third party search engines and increases overall visibility and also creates sitemaps for easy indexing.


Akismet is yet another free plugin developed behind the same inventors of WordPress. It is a default plugin of WP that scans for spammy contents in the website. Also it provides a history for the statuses generated so that you can easily figure out the spams and check out for the approved one’s. It removes suspicious links too. Notably, this software enhances the security of WordPress site to the max.

Yoast SEO:

As the name says, it is a freemium SEO plugin to boost up the optimization functionality of the website. Because search engine optimization is a must for today’s business due to the fact that every businesses are focussing on digital perfection and number of users of internet is being increasing tremendously everyday. Yoast SEO plugin is a powerful tool to improve page ranking by emphasising on creating SEO friendly content, proper utilisation of the keywords, page analysis, improving the appearance of the page or posts, planting catchy meta descriptions etc.

Google XML Sitemaps:

Google XML Sitemaps is the another free SEO plugin for WordPress. All major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo will be able to index your website with the help of a XML sitemap enabling smooth navigation for both users and search engines. The way sitemaps work to make the website index better by allowing search engines to view the entire structure of the site more clearly thereby retrieving the results more efficiently.

W3 Total Cache:

WordPress caching the website is considered to be a better way to improve the performance of the website. The seek behind this strategy is storing the website data temporarily in the cache memory which grants quick accessibility to your site, the second time you opens it. W3 Total Cache stores the post or pages in static html format. Increased page loading speed and time gives more probability to have a positive impact on SEO tactics performed.

WP Smush:

Images are one of those media’s you cannot afford to lose for your website because an image delivers a precise informations to the user than the traditional content in a much easier way. But in that name it is disastrous to dig up with pictures because they consumes a lot of storage space. WP Smush plugin comes to the rescue here. It compresses the image size, conserving the quality resulting in optimization of the images in all formats and save spaces reserved for other datas.

WP Optimize:

WP Optimize is an automated tool that cleanses the WordPress database and optimises it on the go, thereby removing unwanted files from its db without any need of manual interventions. There exists numerous junk files which weighs down your website in terms of speed, resulting in low performance of the page. The software’s automated cleaning feature eliminates spammy contents, trash posts, trackback, pingback etc giving an optimized experience to your business site.

Broken Link Checker:

You may be fantasised about why you are not receiving customers into your business for your business even after detecting a remarkable number of them visiting the site. One reason might be because of broken links that left them unsatisfied. Broken link checker plugin is a software that scans for dead links automatically in posts, comments, other contents etc. Notably, it notifies you about missing images so as to initiate an appropriate action immediately.  

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